Twenty Six Weeks

photo-9It has been too long since my last written entry!  Luckily, I am on vacation now and can spend my time how I please and today – it’s writing!

This last week has certainly been an exciting one!  One of my dear friends had her bachelorette party.  It was not a tame one to say the least.  We started the day off with blowouts at Blow by Blow, then dinner, limo ride complete with blow up penis and lots of liquor.  Honestly, I felt drunk by the end of the night!  We even managed to get kicked out of our last stop with 4 preggos aboard.  Yes, 4 pregnant ladies!  It was quite the scene, especially when we were dancing on table tops, sober! It was an epic night.

The following day a few of us went to a Bump Club event.  No, I didn’t win anything :(  I did learn all about Cord Blood Banking and Nursery Design though!

Enough about me.  What’s going on with this BABY?

She is kicking constantly.  Mostly when I’m trying to sleep and giving me some very unpleasant leg cramps in night.  She is the size of a head of lettuce.  We just can’t wait to meet this little lady!



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