Twenty Six Weeks

photo-9It has been too long since my last written entry!  Luckily, I am on vacation now and can spend my time how I please and today – it’s writing!

This last week has certainly been an exciting one!  One of my dear friends had her bachelorette party.  It was not a tame one to say the least.  We started the day off with blowouts at Blow by Blow, then dinner, limo ride complete with blow up penis and lots of liquor.  Honestly, I felt drunk by the end of the night!  We even managed to get kicked out of our last stop with 4 preggos aboard.  Yes, 4 pregnant ladies!  It was quite the scene, especially when we were dancing on table tops, sober! It was an epic night.

The following day a few of us went to a Bump Club event.  No, I didn’t win anything :(  I did learn all about Cord Blood Banking and Nursery Design though!

Enough about me.  What’s going on with this BABY?

She is kicking constantly.  Mostly when I’m trying to sleep and giving me some very unpleasant leg cramps in night.  She is the size of a head of lettuce.  We just can’t wait to meet this little lady!



Twenty One Weeks – Size of a Pomegranate

photo-3Feeling lots of movement this week!  At this point I am looking major prego and feeling major prego.  I tried on a tshirt that is usually quite baggy on me and it was skin tight.  Great way to start the day!  Anyway, other than feeling large and in charge I have been feeling fairly normal, knock on  wood.

I went to a baby shower for a dear friend and was part of what I like to call a pregnant parade.  There were four of us prego ladies at the party.  I think the last time all of us were together was back in college or at a wedding that I don’t remember because I was probably too drunk.  Wow, times have changed!

Hot Mamma Alert!

Hot Mamma Alert!


Twenty Weeks – Half Way, Baby!!!



Hello from inside!  This week we went in for our 20 week ultrasound.  Woot Woot!!!!!

The best part of it all was getting to watch our little nugget move around, wave hello, kick me several times and show her lady parts to confirm she is indeed a girl.  She was very well behaved and helpful during the appointment – if only that could last a lifetime!  One can always hope, I suppose.  Quite the opposite of me at this point.  My parents thought I was boy until I was born because the ultra sound showed a little something between my legs… apparently it was just my finger!

My belly button is still in at this point.  Wondering and sort of hoping it will stay that way.  I am definitely gaining more of an appetite these days.  I feel full pretty quickly so I end up with a lot of left over food when we go out – very unusual for me.

I attended my first prenatal yoga class this week at Bloom Yoga Studio.  Lucky for me it is a ten minute walk from my house.  It is a bit strange to be in a room full of 50 prego ladies doing strange stretching moves but it felt really good afterwards.  Plus, there is a cookie reward at the end :)

Nineteen Weeks – Rome, Italy


Trevi Fountain – and yes I made a wish!

Important Italian phrase I never learned studying abroad here…”Sono incinta” (I’m pregnant).  As the trip is coming to end my Italian is coming more easily, of course.  Being in the smaller towns certainly gave me a push to refresh my speaking skills.  Although, I’m pretty sure I accidentally ordered donkey sausage in my pasta one night.  I did not ask for this in Italian but I saw sausage and was craving some meat so I went for it.  The smell was so horrendous I had to set it outside my room and chose to eat Paige’s left over pasta.  The following day I asked their wine guide what mystery meat it could possibly have been that was too revolting to take a bite of.  He replied, “the specialty in this particular region is donkey”.  Yes, I almost ate ass for dinner, literally!

On our way to Monopoli from Gallipoli we stopped to tour several wineries.  One of them is distributed by Jason’s previous employer.  The owner’s husband was very excited to learn of this!  The facility was huge and has been in his wife’s family for several generations.

Once we arrived in Monopoli it was a major challenge to find dinner for the kids before 6:30 as most restaurants do not even open until seven.  Luckily, I managed to find something and find my way back to the hotel, Don Ferrante, pass go and collect two hundred Euros.  Just kidding!  No one thinks Monopoly jokes are funny here.  They have probably heard WAY too many times to even crack a smile.  While in Monopoli, the kiddos and I spend a day at Zoosafari just outside of town.  It was HUGE with almost every animal you could think of.  Attached to Zoosafari is Fasanolandia, equally as large with loads of rides, games, and junk food.

IMG_3918 DSCN2089

Here are a few photos from our stay in Monopoli & Rome


Eighteen Weeks – Gallipoli, Italy

A gorgeous day in Gallipoli, Italy!  Baby turned eighteen weeks in this charming village, on Easter of all days.  I spent the day with the kiddos going on carnival rides that sit piazzas throughout the town.  As per most of Europe, the streets don’t start filling with people and the shops don’t open till the afternoon which makes it bit challenging finding things to do but we made do.  We went on a little train ride through the old part of the city and afterwards found a place for lunch.  Of course, we were the first people at the restaurant!  haha.


What would a trip to Italy be without gelato! I may start craving gelato after this trip.

IMG_3884My Italian speaking skills were truly put to the test.  From what I’ve gathered thus far, Puglia does not get a lot of American tourists so English speakers are hard to come by.  Fine by me, I enjoy the challenge!

As my dear husband says… it’s never too early for a wine tasting.  ;)